1st Classic Poltu Quatu Concours d'Elegance on the Emerald Coast (Sardinia).

July 2014

The Fiat 1500 Viotti cabriolet owned by Alvaro Di Stefano and exhibited at the “Motorismo d’Epoca” museum in Syracuse(Sicily), was awarded top prize for the best restored vehicle..

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"A Second Year dedicated to the Alfa Romeo 33 that have made history as part of the legendary" Targa Florio”.

Palermo, 12 May 2014
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It is time to evaluate the II Year of the " Historical Commemoration Monte Pellegrino 2014". At the close of the sporting -tourist-cultural event organized by the "Scuderia Montepellegrino" and the “Associazione Siracusana Automotoveicoli Storici” ,we can fondly look back on some highlights that have characterize…

Fiat 1500 Garavini - Vintage award

In the historical re-enactment "autogiro in the province of Ragusa", organized by the Veteran car club Ibleo in September 2004, the Fiat 1500 Garavini from the Motorismo d’Epoca museum collection won first prize in the vintage category.

"Ortigia In Winter" with Nino Vaccarella, former Italian racing car driver on the circuit and road.

December 2013

The 2013 "Ortigia In Winter" event, organized by Asas (Syracuse Association of Historic Vehicles) was inaugurated on Saturday, December 14th at our "Motorismo D'Epoca" Museum by Nino Vaccarella (Il preside volante), the most important Sicilian driver on an international level in the '50s and '70s. Nino Vaccarella took part in numerous national and international motor race…

Visit of the Registro Lancia Lambda

Visit of the museum by the members of the Registro Lancia Lambda nazionale R.I.L.L. in 2012

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