"Ortigia In Winter" with Nino Vaccarella, former Italian racing car driver on the circuit and road.

December 2013

The 2013 "Ortigia In Winter" event, organized by Asas (Syracuse Association of Historic Vehicles) was inaugurated on Saturday, December 14th at our "Motorismo D'Epoca" Museum by Nino Vaccarella (Il preside volante), the most important Sicilian driver on an international level in the '50s and '70s. Nino Vaccarella took part in numerous national and international motor races, especially in the category "Sport Prototype." 80 teams from all over Sicily took part in the 2013 event.

With the beautiful Piazza Archimede as a backdrop, the event was both of a cultural and sporting character with a sightseeing tour of the historical sites in the city of Syracuse and a regularity race at night along the hairpin bends of the suggestive "Panoramica".

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